Thursday, 14 June 2007

Tooth Watch Update!!

Exciting news on the tooth watch front! We have a little teeny tiny corner poking out!! OK, that might be a bit unexciting for those of you with kids with big toothy grins, but after 5 months of teething, I'm very excited about the little white dot on Xander's gums!! He's gnawing everything in sight one minute, then clamping his mouth shut and gurning the next!! Can't wait for it to come through and he has that cute little grin that babies with a lone tooth have!!

Well, what a wash out today is! It's absolutely pelting it down! I have my BW buddy Rach coming over today with Charlotte and Cameron. Emily doesn't know they're coming so will be so excited when she gets home from school and they're here!

Right, hopefully will be back later with pictures of toosypegs!!


Marie said...

Yey for the tootseypeg!! :)

Hope you have a good time with your visitors. :)

love M

Rach said...

Yay for the tooth! Woo hoo! Beware from now on Lou - count your fingers after they've been near his mouth LOL!

Auntie Gemma said...

Thank God! Tell Xander he isnt allowed to chew my finger anymore!