Friday, 22 June 2007

Dull, Dull, Dull!

Well, I thought I should post as haven't done for a couple of days but things are so dull round here, there's not really anything to report! I think the glorious June weather we've had over the past couple of days has lead to a couple of rather thrilling days staying in doing housework! Do you really need to know how many toilets I cleaned today?!

Hopefully the weekend will pick up as we're out tomorrow night and the kids are sleeping over at Grandma's!! Yay!!!!!! The original plan was to go out with Lisa and Andrew for a few drinks and a takeaway, which we are still doing. But, as we're dropping the kids off at teatime, we thought a little trip to the pictures might me in order before we meet up with them. We'll have to steady on, that'll be the second time we've been to the flicks since Xander was born!

Still on my scrapping roll. I scrapped Xander's 9 month pics last night. Even though I've already posted the pics I'm going to post the layout anyway as it's my favourite so far! Marie's posted a challenge for this week entitled 'Holiday' so I need someone to take me on my hols quick so I've something to scrap about!!

Today is the end of Health Kick Month 1. I'm going to get weighed etc tomorrow though as school mornings round here don't leave a lot of time to get the parcel scales out!!

Right, better toodle. My MSN buddy is going on her jollies tomorrow so we need to get as much chatting in as possible tonight before the week long gossip drought!!


Stef said...

Health kick month??? I don't understand? What does that mean??

Lou said...

It's when you cut back that red stuff to 2 bottles a day!!