Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Cake, What Cake!

I'm on a scrapbooking roll at the moment! 3 layouts in the past week. This is the latest that I've done tonight. I've found a few spare pictures of Emily from when she was a baby and so I'm starting to scrap them. I love these pictures, they were taken on her first birthday when we were down at Center Parcs. She literally just smeared her birthday cake all over her face! Mind you, not much has changed, she still manages to get more cake round her mouth than in it!!

Think I should maybe log off, we're in the middle of a thunderstorm and the telly's just gone on the blink so maybe sat typing away on a metal object isn't the best thing in the world!!


Rach said...

Awwwww cute LO Lou, bless her! Hope the thunderstorm is soon over.

Marie said...

Great LO Lou. The bargain ribbon is lush :) You did better with yours than I did with mine... no where near finished! LOL.

love M

RachelC said...

I love the LO! Yay for catching up on scrapping with the first child ;)

Anonymous said...

Lou, she learned to eat like that from you hun!!!!!

Very cute!!!!