Sunday, 10 June 2007

Emily's Double Date!!

Emily's had a busy day today! First of all she had a lunch date with Scott and we went to the park. They also sat still for a whole 5 minutes and watched Harry Potter (well, 5 minutes of it!), just enough time to polish of the dish of sweets they had!

Then it was off to Cameron's bowling party. It was so cute seeing all the 5 year olds bowling and it was amazing how many strikes they got. OK, so the bars were up at the sides and they were using the ramps, but they all thought they were Kingpin!

Tomorrow night Rob and I are going to see my future husband Slash in concert! Excited isn't the word, I'm just hoping I don't faint when the great curly one comes on stage! I've only waited 20 years to see him so to spend the whole 2 hours with St Johns Ambulance would be a bit of a shame!!


Marie said...

Have fun with Slash hun.... be gentle with him though, he's getting on a bit now you know, and then there's your Spine O'glass to think about ;)

love M

Lou said...

LMAO!! Will be like something out of Cocoon!!