Wednesday, 30 January 2008

It Was Red & Yellow & Pink & Green & Orange & Purple & Blue & Scarlet & Ocra & Violet & Sky Blue Pink!

So, I've had a cyber slap from my buddy Marie for not updating the blog for yonks! She had nothing to read at work yesterday afternoon (get some work done woman!) and so I couldn't possibly have her sat there twiddling her thumbs for a second day running!

So, quick update! Yes I have been a very bad blogger, but things have been quite busy round here!

Emily's tooth is still in place; we can move it backwards, forwards, sideways, diagonally and round in circles, but the bugger ain't coming out! The one next to it is wobbling too so we could have a double visit from the tooth fairy soon (and how much will that cost me?!).

This weekend we had a fairly hectic time. We went shopping for Emily's birthday present on Saturday as that date is looming upon us again! Then Salem had his booster at the vet which, as you can imagine, went down really well! Then we had Ally, Shane and the kids round Saturday afternoon (along with a bag full of fab clothes for Xander, thanks J!). Then in the evening Rob's mum came over and we cooked another Madhur curry. It was delicious but I messed up the fish so it was more mush than goujons!

Sunday was Emily's BFF's little brother's 1st birthday party (happy birthday Izaak!) which was lovely. Then back home for the usual Sunday evening gubbins!

I've started the degree this week; so far pretty difficult! What isn't helping is that, just for a change, I have the lurgy again, so the studying ain't going in too well!

Last night I went to see Joseph with my mum and Auntie Claire (it was mum's birthday present); it was fab! I've never seen it before but I loved it; especially the blow up sheep and Elvis playing the pharoah!

Right, better go get some studying done (and pop some more Nurofen!). There you go Marie, that should kill 10 minutes (even though I bet I've told you all this by email already!!)

Sunday, 20 January 2008

We're All In This Together Rodney!

Yesterday, Emily and I went with Sam and Milli to see High School Musical On Ice. To be honest, I'm not sure who was more excited, Emily and Milli or me and Sam!!It was very good, some really good skating (though there were a few wobbles here and there, but hey, I can't even stand up on ice so who am I to criticise!!). Milli was just in awe with the whole thing...and Emily was jumping up and down in her chair and singing along to all the songs...The one thing I really couldn't get used to though was, the guy playing Troy looked like Nicholas Lyndhurst! I just couldn't get past the fact he looked like such a geek; or should that be a plonker?!!

Here's a bit of video of Emily rocking out!

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Lurgy Round 378!!

Do you know, I just seem to have been constantly ill for the last few months! I've had every virus going, a sickness bug twice within a month, a dodgy big toe (!) and the latest ailment to make itself at home in my obviously immune-system-less body, is tonsillitis!! I've just been to the doctors who's prescribed antibiotics and bedrest (yeah, with 2 young children and an assignment due in next week, that's going to happen!).

The good news is that I can't swallow so my Weightwatchers weightloss this week should be phenomenal!

Anyway, here's a little picture to sum up how I feel at the moment!!

Monday, 14 January 2008

WW Monday!

Right, well, the first weigh in was this morning and...I lost 4lbs!! Whooppeee!! Was very pleased with that, especially as it's been a struggle.

We've also decided that we're not going back to that meeting though. The leader is just pure evil and basically a nasty cow! We're trying to find another one that fits in (which is proving difficult!) but if not I'll just do it home and home I can discipline myself!

Right, off to write a stern email to Weightwatchers about the quality of their staff!

Friday, 11 January 2008

Golden Girl...Again!

Not sure if I mentioned but, a couple of weeks before Xmas, Emily won the Golden Balloon at school. It's given to the 2 pupils that have tried their best every week and the parents get to go to 'Sharing Assembly' on a Friday and watch their child get it.

Well, blow me if she didn't go and win it again this week!! So this afternoon I trundled off to school with my mum in tow to watch my little angel get up (infront of years 1 AND 2 no less) and describe her science project for that week. Apparently you use a pushing motion for lifting weights!

Anyway, I was very proud of her (though not so much when she started picking her nose whilst stood at the front; memories of the nativity came flooding back!) and, as she'd got it twice in just over a month, we bought her some High School Musical necklaces as a 'well done'.

Here are some pictures, with her partner in crime (and ex, apparently he's joined the singles club and Emily's not having a boyfriend until high school!) Cameron, who was the other winner this week!

Monday, 7 January 2008

Happy Birthday Gracie!!

A big Happy Birthday to my little buddy Gracie, who's a whopping 4 years old today! Apparently Gracie has taken her new grown up status very seriously and started planning for her future by sorting which toys she wants to sell on eBay! Nothing like a 4 year old entrepreneur!

So, hope you've had a wonderful day Grace and remember your Auntie Lou when you're a millionaire by 5!!

Sunday, 6 January 2008

The Condemned Woman's Last Meal!!

So, this is it, I'm less than 24 hours away from joining Weight Watchers! Although I am looking forward to it (no I'm not sadistic, but you know how I am with organising and writing stuff down; the thought of working out points is making me positively giddy!!), there is also a sadness that I'll not get to gorge myself for a few months!

So, I've had my 'last meal': left over curry from last night (which was blooming delicious by the way!) and a pint of Boddingtons!! I've bought stacks of fruit, veg, turkey, fish and some shiny new digital scales so I can work out what 0.1g of chocolate is!!

So, wish me luck, only 25lbs to go!!

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Gotta Love Madhur (And My Sis!)

So, for Christmas, we asked my SIL Zoe for the new Madhur Jaffrey Curry Bible book. In typical style, Zo came through with not only the book, but a tonne of spices to help us on our way.

So, Rob decided to try one of the recipes tonight, Moghlai (lamb & spinach). I haven't even tasted it yet, but the smell coming from the kitchen is absolutely fantastic! I can't believe it's another 40 minutes until it's ready, it's like torture!!!

There are also recipes for chapatis, naans, all the pickles, and a rather fantastic looking South African fish curry that I can't wait to try!

I'd definately recommend going and getting the book, Madhur is the curry queen!!

So, thank you sis; and get your bum up to Leeds so we can test some recipes out on you!! ;)

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year!!

First thing's first.....

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve and that 2008 brings you lots of happiness.

We had a great night last night: we went to Kay and Gary's and took Emily as Scott was there. We started off with a candlelit supper consisting of smoked salmon and prawns, gorgeous roast lamb and a rich chocolate roulade made by Kay's supremo pudding making buddy (i.e. ME!).Then we had our first midnight of the evening. There was no way we were putting up with the capers of Emily and Scott for another 3 hours so, at 9pm, we pretended it was midnight, did the countdown, champagne, happy new years, then packed them off to bed none the wiser!Then, as Kay kept the champagne flowing (and the occassional 'baby guiness' shot!), we had a Taboo tournament: me and Kay against Rob and Gary, which was hilarious!! Rob and Gary were taking it very seriously......whilst Kay and I revelled in our victory...Then, we saw in the 'real' midnight with a glass of bubbly and a conga down the street!Thanks to Kay and Gary (and the lovely Scott) for giving us such a wonderful night; we thoroughly enjoyed it!!

So, 2008 eh? Well, 2007 was certainly an eventful year. I watched the kids come on leaps and bounds; Emily learning to read, write and add up so well; Xander learning to crawl then eventually walk! I've discovered so many new things, especially craft stuff thanks to the inspiration of my good buddy Marie: thanks hun, love ya! I've read more books this year than I have in my whole life...and have discovered that I love it! I've become a student yet again...aaarrrggghhhh!!! I've made some good new friends who I hope will be around for a long time; and I've found much more love than ever for my old friends (motherhood will do that to ya!). And I finally got to see Slash, after 20 years of loving him from afar!!

So, as for 2008...well, first things first...the baby weight has to go! I'm joining Weight Watchers on Monday and I'm determined to make it work! I'm excited about the degree thing, even though I'm papping my pants! And, most importantly...I get to see Slash again!! Woohoo!!
So, yet again, I wish you all a wonderful 2008! I will leave you with one of my favourite photos of 2007, which I only took last week, but I think it sums up everything that's wonderful in's of 2 of my favourite men: my Grandad and my son...