Saturday, 20 February 2010

Penguin Boy!

We've been away at Center Parcs this week. Pics are pretty much the same as the other 3 billion times we've been though may have a few to share later. However, yesterday I was sat by the pool reading my book while the others went whizzing down slides, in waves machines etc when Xander came for a bit of quiet time and I got these lovely pics:

Wistful Penguin Boy:

Tired '7 Mile Stare' Penguin Boy:
Sneaky Penguin Boy:

Mischievous Penguin Boy:

Defiant Penguin Boy:

I can see a scrapbooking layout coming on!

Monday, 15 February 2010

At Least The Fish Loves Me!

There's nothing like a good Valentine's Day to make you feel like the most UNloved person in the world!

Although we'd agreed no cards or anything, you always kind of hope that your other half will do what they do for the rest of the year and completely ignore you! However, alas, no Interflora deliveries here yesterday!

Emily added to the unloving when she made Daddy and Xander both a Valentine card at school the other day. Er, ahem, what am I, chopped liver?!

I did go out and buy myself a little Valentine's present: a brand new shiny pap pap! I finally admitted that little old Fiesa ain't ever coming back so went out and bought a new car that I'm hoping to learn to love. It's very shiny so hopefully we can be friends!

Finally, I did get a bit of love at tea time. The kids had fish fingers and I chucked myself a tuna steak in the oven. It was only when I took it out the oven that I noticed it looked like this:

Hurray! Someone loves me, even if it is a dead fish!

Monday, 8 February 2010


That boy of mine doesn't half make me laugh!

Like most kids, he has one book that he reads over and over and over again. At the moment it's The Very Hungry Catterpillar (which I also loved as a kid!). We've read it that many times to him that he knows it off by heart. So tonight, rather than Rob read him a bedtime story, Xander read us all one!

So sit back and enjoy The Very Hungry Catterpillar, as read by Xander

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Goodbye Old Friend

Bit of a sad day for me today. My lovely old trusty Fiesta went to the big metal scrapyard in the sky:
Thanks to some of Britain's finest criminals, my poor car was broken beyond repair so it was finally written off on Friday and today the scrapmen came and took it away. :(

I loved that car. I'd had it for 6 years and it had always been reliable (well, apart from once, but that isn't bad in 6 years!). I liked how it drove, it felt safe for the kids and it played my Slash and Foos cds at a very loud volume! It took us on lots of holidays (including it's first foreign holiday last year!) and even brought my son home from the hospital. So, I am so sad to see it go. Goodbye little Fiesta, we've had some good times!

So, the hunt is now on for a new pap-pap. It's like a mine field out there, with dodgy dealers, cars missing airbags (which begs the question what scrapes the car's been in!) and the fact I loathe car salesmen! Not sure anything will ever measure up to my little Fiesta though but I'll just have to learn to love again!