Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Cool Moon!

We were so lucky yesterday. For once there was a galactical event and we actually saw it! Usually we have cloud cover when anything happens but yesterday morning we had beautiful clear skies and so got to see the first winter solstice lunar eclipse in 372 years. How cool is this:

 Unfortunately, a house got in the way before the full eclipse, but I love how much of it we got to see. I even woke Emily up as she just had to see it!

 Then we had the news on where they were talking about the eclipse and they said you could also see Venus in the east. So we ran through to Emily's room and looked out the window and there it was!

 OK, so it's not obviously Venus from the picture but the fact that you can see a planet 93,000,000 miles away is a bit cool!

The moon created more photographic opportunities when it came up again last night. I just love how my camera captured it: first one for all fans like me of a good old end of the world disaster movie:

 And then for any Twilight Saga fans out there:

Friday, 17 December 2010

It's That Time Again!

It's a week before Christmas so that can only mean one thing....


Monday, 13 December 2010


Emily came home from school on Friday and read us a poem. It was beautiful and I asked where she'd found it? 'I wrote it Mum' she replied. Er what? You're not yet 9 and you wrote this? We think it's amazing!

Baby Brother

It's a boy
He was born with love and joy
He's my brother
His life is thanks to my mother
His life shall be my mission
His life shall be protected
He was my mother's decision
And I'm glad she made it
Cause he's my baby brother

I will love him forever
Even when he is looking pale
His body's frail
He can hardly move
To when he turns around and does a weird groove
Cause he is my baby brother

It's a boy
He was born with love and joy
Cause he is my baby brother

by Emily R M Gillard
Dedicated to Xander W J Gillard


Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Happy Birthday Handsome!

Today was my lovely Grandad's 89th birthday so me and Xander popped along to see him:

Look at him, no way is he 89, he certainly doesn't act it!

Happy birthday Handsome!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

An Early Christmas Break...

...well for the youngest Gillard it is anyway. Yesterday, Master Billy Jim took a trip over this and ended up with this:

 Yup, just like Beckham before him, Xander has broken his metatarsal. In fact, he's gone one better than those football players and broken 2!

Poor Xan, he was so brave. Mummy here thought it was just a sprain so sent Rob and him to the walk in centre (well, hop in for Xan!) who decided it was more serious than a sprain and sent him to the hospital. 5 hours, 3 xrays, 1 pot and a teddy for being the best behaved boy of the day later and my injured little soldier came home all potted up. He didn't seem too bothered but maybe that was the Happy Meal Daddy bought him on the way home:

So Xander's going to spend Christmas in pot. He can't walk on it for 2 days so poor little thing is crawling round like a baby! We're also having to do a quick rethink as he's not allowed to sleep in his cabin bed for the next 6 weeks (pots and ladders don't exactly go well together!). And I have no idea how school are going to cope now Xander's armed with a heavy weapon! It's going to be an interesting 6 weeks....

Friday, 3 December 2010

Journalling A Very Shivery Christmas

So December is upon us and that means, amongst other things, one of my favourite Xmas projects: Journal Your Christmas. I took part for the first time last year and just loved doing it so was keen to do it again this year. The only trouble last year was it was so time consuming: I made my own album, made every page a different size, shape etc. So this year I decided to not stress and make it simpler, after all it's about writing about Xmas so the format shouldn't really matter. So, I bought myself a ready made album and made a promise to myself that I would stick to one page size all the way through!

Dec 1st's prompt was to write a manifesto about what your Xmas was going to be. Mine had one main word: SIMPLE! For too many years I've been tired or ill or run-down at Xmas because I've taken on way too much, so this year it's about simplicity both in general Xmas stuff and my crafting. You may get a handmade card this year but you may get a shop bought one, it doesn't really matter as long as I send you a card does it? And am I really going to get people walking out at Xmas dinner because the stuffing's Paxo rather than a home made one?! And do you know what, as much as I'm sure my friend's kids love knitted/sewn toys, are they really going to complain about one bought from Argos? Nope! So why make it hard on myself? There will be some home made cards and some home made gifts, but there will also a lot more things purchased in the old fashioned way (oh and the new fashioned way, god bless Amazon!).


Day 2 was all about the weather. Oh how I laughed when I looked back at last year's entry  and saw how I talked about how we rarely get snow, what a difference a year makes! Obviously yesterday's entry just had to be about snow. This year as well there's an extra prompt in the JYC class that focuses on photography. As my photography could do with vastly improving I thought I'd have a go. So the 1st prompt was about the rule of thirds so I took a pic using this with my picture focusing on the hanging basket covered in snow in the left upper third:

And just to emphasise the point of how chilly it is, last night was one of the coldest nights for a long time, down to -9C here. This was my car this morning:

Very pretty but that ice was on the INSIDE and took forever to clear!

Right, off to today's entry which is to do with the aforementioned cards. I have a plan, it's just dragging my bum into that freezing cold conservatory to do it!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

The C Word!

So, it's now December which means I now have to officially relent from this:

Say it with me people (though let's just whisper for now)!

I've now officially allowed the christmas movies on the tv and we've been doing christmas crafts. TBH, we're having to do that and fill our days because we're stuck in because of this stuff:

We've had quite a bit of the white stuff since Friday night now, but yesterday we got a huge amount dumped on us, which lead to my school being closed, the kids' school being closed and Rob having to leave the car miles away and walk home. It's that bad that even Rob hasn't ventured in to work (I know, I know, and no asteroid strike needed either!).

However, it does look beautiful round here and very christmassy:

I'm afraid there may be more christmas posts, I've just started Journal Your Christmas for the 2nd year running and so will be boring sharing my daily journal entries with you all! I'm sure aswell there will be lots of Emily and Xander christmas creations to share with you.

I may even say the christmas word in a quiet voice rather than a ***Shudder***, may need a couple more days for that one yet!