Sunday, 5 December 2010

An Early Christmas Break...

...well for the youngest Gillard it is anyway. Yesterday, Master Billy Jim took a trip over this and ended up with this:

 Yup, just like Beckham before him, Xander has broken his metatarsal. In fact, he's gone one better than those football players and broken 2!

Poor Xan, he was so brave. Mummy here thought it was just a sprain so sent Rob and him to the walk in centre (well, hop in for Xan!) who decided it was more serious than a sprain and sent him to the hospital. 5 hours, 3 xrays, 1 pot and a teddy for being the best behaved boy of the day later and my injured little soldier came home all potted up. He didn't seem too bothered but maybe that was the Happy Meal Daddy bought him on the way home:

So Xander's going to spend Christmas in pot. He can't walk on it for 2 days so poor little thing is crawling round like a baby! We're also having to do a quick rethink as he's not allowed to sleep in his cabin bed for the next 6 weeks (pots and ladders don't exactly go well together!). And I have no idea how school are going to cope now Xander's armed with a heavy weapon! It's going to be an interesting 6 weeks....

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