Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Can Anyone Help Zintle? Please Read

As a few of you may know, I've been sponsoring a little boy called Venald in Haiti for about 3 years now. I sponsor him through a charity called Action Aid and basically I pay for him to go to school and help pay for projects in his community that help improve life for them. It costs me £15 a month (the same as what his father earns!!) and I'll pay that until he's 16 or leaves school, whichever happens first.

Anyway, last week Action Aid called me and asked if I could help find another child a sponsor as they have a shortage at the moment. So today, I received details of this little girl in South Africa:

Her name is Zintle and she is 4 years old. She currently attends nursery school but lives in the second poorest province in South Africa and many children, especially girls, don't get an eduation. There is also a big HIV/AIDS problem in her area (6 million people with AIDS in a population of 47 million). Sponsorship will help her get an education and help Action Aid educate the community about HIV and AIDS and also help with healthcare etc.

So, if anyone would like to consider sponsoring her, please email me and I'll let you know how. It is a big commitment but it's also very rewarding and I love getting Venald's pictures and letters every 6 months. Action Aid also send me updates on projects in the area so I can see how my money is helping.

Alternatively, if you think you know anyone else who might like to sponsor her, please send them a link to my blog so they can read my post.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, 24 September 2007

Ewan's Big Day!!

We had a lovely day yesterday over at Ewan's christening. It was Ewan's birthday on Saturday and his christening yesterday so it was a big weekend for Xander's little buddy! He looked so handsome in his little 3 piece suit and tie.

It was also great to catch up with Marie. I talk to her a lot online but we don't see each other in real life that often, and the girls had a great time together, stuck to each other like glue all day!

Anyway, I did have one too many red wines so not much blogging today, but here's some pics!

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Birthday Biker Boy!!

We had a lovely day yesterday on Xander's birthday. We took him to a playgym for lunch and he had a great time in the ball pool and whizzing down the slide! Afterwards we picked Emily up from school and then had some family round for a mini party with chilli and a malteser birthday cake!

He got so many lovely presents and we were chuffed that he liked the police bike we got him... and he was even doing his own stunts by the end of the day! Present of the day though had to be the dog ball pool! It's taken over the house but both Xander and Emily love it, not convinced the cats do though!!

Monday, 17 September 2007

Tomorrow's Xander's Big Day!!

So, my baby turns the grand old age of 1 tomorrow! As about 300 people have said to me in the past week, where did that year go?! This time last year I was just 4 hours off giving birth to him and look at him now!!

We're getting up to say Happy Birthday to him at 2.23am!! Then tomorrow Rob has the day off and we're going to take him to the play gym for his lunch and a good old play! Then we have a little family tea party at teatime which I've made a yummy Malteser cake for!

Will be back in a couple of days to post pics of Xander's big day!!

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Happy Birthday Bobbins!!

Happy birthday to my old ball and chain, Rob, who's halfway down that slippery slope to 40 today!!

We went out for a curry and a few pints on Saturday to celebrate/commiserate and tonight we're having some lurverly crispy duck and a nice bottle of vino to toast his old bones!! We're also watching his birthday present from the kids, Saw 2. Well, when I say watch, Rob will be watching it, I'll be peaking out from a cushion, preferably in another room (still not got over Saw 1!!).

So, happy birthday Bobbins!!

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

The 2 Headed Diet Monster!!

So, I've embarked this week on the last push of 'Loose The Baby Weight' and god am I miserable!! I've missed my first 2 targets, to loose the weight by my birthday (May) and Xander's birthday (er, in 2 weeks and 1 1/2 stone to go!) so the new target is Christmas. 6 weeks holidays and my new found hobby of cupcake and cookie baking haven't helped (thanks Marie!!). Let's hope it's third time lucky eh?!

So, I apologise now for the 2 headed monster that will be appearing in my place for the next 3 months, hopefully I'll be able to say goodbye to her once and for all soon! Well, until January when I have put back on 1 1/2 stone in Baileys alone!!