Monday, 17 September 2007

Tomorrow's Xander's Big Day!!

So, my baby turns the grand old age of 1 tomorrow! As about 300 people have said to me in the past week, where did that year go?! This time last year I was just 4 hours off giving birth to him and look at him now!!

We're getting up to say Happy Birthday to him at 2.23am!! Then tomorrow Rob has the day off and we're going to take him to the play gym for his lunch and a good old play! Then we have a little family tea party at teatime which I've made a yummy Malteser cake for!

Will be back in a couple of days to post pics of Xander's big day!!


Stef & Tony said...

Wey Hey!!!!!!

Happy Birthday for tomorrow Xander!!!!

Where has that yr gone?? I haven't seen ya since before he was born!

Marie said...


Hope you had fun in the ball pool - and that you're mummy stayed away from the sticky patches ;)

love M

Kay said...

Happy Birthday little man luv Scott ( and Mummy & Daddy)