Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Birthday Biker Boy!!

We had a lovely day yesterday on Xander's birthday. We took him to a playgym for lunch and he had a great time in the ball pool and whizzing down the slide! Afterwards we picked Emily up from school and then had some family round for a mini party with chilli and a malteser birthday cake!

He got so many lovely presents and we were chuffed that he liked the police bike we got him... and he was even doing his own stunts by the end of the day! Present of the day though had to be the dog ball pool! It's taken over the house but both Xander and Emily love it, not convinced the cats do though!!


Rach said...

How cool is that bike - I love the stunts! He's loving it!

Love the doggy ball pool, can Auntie Rach come and play? (Not the kids, just me! - lol) xx

Lou said...

Absolutely Auntie Rach!! Mummy says she'll stock it with wine and cake! luv Xander xxx

Rach said...

Yay - I'll be round! xx