Friday, 26 November 2010

Chocks Away!

I think Xander has found a new career ahead of him, helicopter pilot!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Crafty Catch Up

Do you know, we've not had a crafty catch up for a while. Shall we have one? Just a quick one?

So was going to this in date order but I just can't get my head round Blogger's new picture uploader and tend to find myself fighting with pictures trying to move them, so I'm just going to leave them as they were uploaded!

First of all (well wasn't but for the purposes of this post let's just pretend! ;)) I went to my first crop in months last weekend. Only managed 3 layouts but that's 3 more than I would have got done on Saturday if I'd have been at home! First there's a couple of Halloween ones:

 And then one of Emily being enrolled in Brownies. Need to add something to this I think but it was for a challenge and I was making sure I got all the challenge elements in:

 I've been weedling a mean crochet hook a lot lately. I've made a runner for our bed using the wave stitch which I love:

And then a little baby blanket for Rob's boss's new baby:

And there's also been a couple of Fimo fairies. First of all one for Evie's birthday:

And then one for Elise's birthday who coincided with a huge funghi crop in the garden (why is it when we plant stuff it never comes up and yet these things can grow of their own free will?!):

Right back to the craft room, I have a whole pile of C******** things to get on with!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Not Exactly Jet Is It Em?!

On Sunday afternoon, we had to take Zoe for her train back to London, so decided a quick stop on the way at our favourite pre-Xmas place in the world was in order - The German Xmas Market! We have a rather important date here with Ally, Steve and Elise just before C****mas so we just had to go and check that it was up to standard, can't possibly disappoint my BFF at Xmas time!

Oh it never disappoints! Emily was in her element with all the horse-type rides. First of all the rather fast carousel (so fast, no pics worked with the kids on it!):

Xan wasn't so keen on the speed of the carousel, so we found him something a little more age appropriate for a 4-year-old:

OK, so note to my daughter: it's age appropriae for a 4-YEAR-OLD, you're nearly 9 woman!

Must admit, we were highly amused, not exactly the equestrian rides you're used to eh Em?!

Next, on to what the German Market is all about...EATING! First up, the delicious hotdogs:

Go on girl! The rest of us were quite satisfied after the snitzels (sp?) for now but not my daughter, she insisted on a humungous pretzel to finish it off:

Yup, no denying she's my daughter eh?!

So, now even more excited about the market next month. Ally and co - keep those bellies empty, we got a lot of eating to do!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Never Forget

 Today is Remembrance Sunday and Emily has been on her first Brownie parade. She just missed the remembrance march last year as she didn't start Brownies until 4 days later so she was so happy to get to do it this year. We all got well wrapped up as it is freezing out there and headed up to the town centre to watch her. Xander was so excited to see Emily marching:

And Em and the girls took their duties very seriously in the parade:
The service was really moving as usual and I think it's great that we have a permanent memorial in our town:
After standing round in the cold for a long time the girls still did a great job marching back and saluting the mayor:

Well done Em, really proud of you on what is such an important day.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Bonfire Night Part Deux

OK, so only took me a week to blog this! Been kind of hectic this week and I just didn't get round to it. So last Saturday we had bonfire night part 2 with Ally Steve and Elise. Rob had a lot to live up to but do you know what...nope, he came nowhere near to matching the big organised display from the night before! However, for £15 the garden fireworks weren't too bad:

 Everyone seemed to enjoy it anyway:

 Plus all the treats we had, especially the hot chocolate with whipped cream (and a little something extra for us mummies!):

Then we ventured inside to warm up and a Hungry Hippos tournament:

OK, so not very bonfire night-ish but after the 'hot chocolate with a kick', it seemed like a good idea!

So, that's it now until the dreaded C word (please note that word shall not be mentioned on the Garlics until there is a December on the calendar!). I can see Hungry Hippos making a return and I have it on good authority (from S**** himself) that there will be more 3+ games in certain stockings. Sandbags - you up for the challenge?!

Saturday, 6 November 2010


Had a good bonfire night yesterday. We went with my mum up to the organised display up at the rugby club and, though we were disappointed with the 'entertainment' provided, we had a good time with friends. We met up with Amanda, Pete and the kids and Emily saw her friend Justine from school. It was a bit of a while waiting round for the fireworks but the kids entertained themselves:

Even though the rest of the event was disappointing, the actual fireworks display was fantastic. And must say I'm loving the fireworks setting on my camera!

 The girls (who had also met up with their other friend Hannah) watched whilst trying to look cool as only 9-year-old girls can!

 While Xander and Cameron avoided the girly stuff and watched the fireworks together at a safe distance (from both the fireworks and the girls!)

 I think Xan's face says it all, they all had a great time!

More fireworks tonight. Ally, Steve and Elise are coming down and we're all relying on Rob's garden display to knock the socks off the rugby club's! No pressure Rob!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Harry Potty!

So obviously it was Halloween yesterday and when you've got munchkins, you can't just turn off all the lights and hide upstairs from the trick or treaters (er, no, never used to do that, honest!). There seems to be a lot more made of Halloween these days so we embraced it and did a bit of decorating:

So the kids knew that they could come knocking at our door (for that read, I took the kids out and Rob had to answer the door to the little horrors!):

This was the first year Xander had really got what Halloween was, so after much debate in the middle of the costume aisle in Sainsburys (no Xander, Ben 10 isn't a scary Halloween monster!) we ended up making him a wizard costume. But obviously Xander being Xander, we had to bring it down a peg or 2. Harry Potty anyone?!

Emily went to town this year, managing to freak her daddy out by dressing up as one of his ex-girlfriends!

So, kids all dressed up and ready to go out and scare the neighbours:

This year we went around with Emily's friends Anna and Miranda. The girls looked gorgeous:

And Anna's little brother Count Tomula came along to keep Xander company:

Awww bless them, even my old 'I hate kids begging on doorsteps' self started to melt away.
So, that's over for another year. The kids now have enough sugar to last them til Easter egg time and we're now on official countdown to Bonfire night. Yay, parkin, pie and peas, bonfire toffee and fireworks!