Monday, 1 November 2010

Harry Potty!

So obviously it was Halloween yesterday and when you've got munchkins, you can't just turn off all the lights and hide upstairs from the trick or treaters (er, no, never used to do that, honest!). There seems to be a lot more made of Halloween these days so we embraced it and did a bit of decorating:

So the kids knew that they could come knocking at our door (for that read, I took the kids out and Rob had to answer the door to the little horrors!):

This was the first year Xander had really got what Halloween was, so after much debate in the middle of the costume aisle in Sainsburys (no Xander, Ben 10 isn't a scary Halloween monster!) we ended up making him a wizard costume. But obviously Xander being Xander, we had to bring it down a peg or 2. Harry Potty anyone?!

Emily went to town this year, managing to freak her daddy out by dressing up as one of his ex-girlfriends!

So, kids all dressed up and ready to go out and scare the neighbours:

This year we went around with Emily's friends Anna and Miranda. The girls looked gorgeous:

And Anna's little brother Count Tomula came along to keep Xander company:

Awww bless them, even my old 'I hate kids begging on doorsteps' self started to melt away.
So, that's over for another year. The kids now have enough sugar to last them til Easter egg time and we're now on official countdown to Bonfire night. Yay, parkin, pie and peas, bonfire toffee and fireworks!


Ann said...

Very Scary Emily and Xander!!!!!
Good to see you back on line - have missed reading my Garlics and Ginger Turtles.xx

purply bunny said...

xan will love that when he's 18!! lol perfect bribery material!! ;) good to see you back *huggs*