Saturday, 6 November 2010


Had a good bonfire night yesterday. We went with my mum up to the organised display up at the rugby club and, though we were disappointed with the 'entertainment' provided, we had a good time with friends. We met up with Amanda, Pete and the kids and Emily saw her friend Justine from school. It was a bit of a while waiting round for the fireworks but the kids entertained themselves:

Even though the rest of the event was disappointing, the actual fireworks display was fantastic. And must say I'm loving the fireworks setting on my camera!

 The girls (who had also met up with their other friend Hannah) watched whilst trying to look cool as only 9-year-old girls can!

 While Xander and Cameron avoided the girly stuff and watched the fireworks together at a safe distance (from both the fireworks and the girls!)

 I think Xan's face says it all, they all had a great time!

More fireworks tonight. Ally, Steve and Elise are coming down and we're all relying on Rob's garden display to knock the socks off the rugby club's! No pressure Rob!

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