Saturday, 13 November 2010

Bonfire Night Part Deux

OK, so only took me a week to blog this! Been kind of hectic this week and I just didn't get round to it. So last Saturday we had bonfire night part 2 with Ally Steve and Elise. Rob had a lot to live up to but do you know what...nope, he came nowhere near to matching the big organised display from the night before! However, for £15 the garden fireworks weren't too bad:

 Everyone seemed to enjoy it anyway:

 Plus all the treats we had, especially the hot chocolate with whipped cream (and a little something extra for us mummies!):

Then we ventured inside to warm up and a Hungry Hippos tournament:

OK, so not very bonfire night-ish but after the 'hot chocolate with a kick', it seemed like a good idea!

So, that's it now until the dreaded C word (please note that word shall not be mentioned on the Garlics until there is a December on the calendar!). I can see Hungry Hippos making a return and I have it on good authority (from S**** himself) that there will be more 3+ games in certain stockings. Sandbags - you up for the challenge?!

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