Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Not Exactly Jet Is It Em?!

On Sunday afternoon, we had to take Zoe for her train back to London, so decided a quick stop on the way at our favourite pre-Xmas place in the world was in order - The German Xmas Market! We have a rather important date here with Ally, Steve and Elise just before C****mas so we just had to go and check that it was up to standard, can't possibly disappoint my BFF at Xmas time!

Oh it never disappoints! Emily was in her element with all the horse-type rides. First of all the rather fast carousel (so fast, no pics worked with the kids on it!):

Xan wasn't so keen on the speed of the carousel, so we found him something a little more age appropriate for a 4-year-old:

OK, so note to my daughter: it's age appropriae for a 4-YEAR-OLD, you're nearly 9 woman!

Must admit, we were highly amused, not exactly the equestrian rides you're used to eh Em?!

Next, on to what the German Market is all about...EATING! First up, the delicious hotdogs:

Go on girl! The rest of us were quite satisfied after the snitzels (sp?) for now but not my daughter, she insisted on a humungous pretzel to finish it off:

Yup, no denying she's my daughter eh?!

So, now even more excited about the market next month. Ally and co - keep those bellies empty, we got a lot of eating to do!

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