Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Cut the Cheese!

Now, many people will know that I'm a HUGE disaster movie buff. I like nothing better than a good old 'the end of the world is nigh' fest, and so when I saw this movie advertised in the summer, I was practically beside myself with excitement:

Not only that but it had John Cusack and Woody Harrelson in who just exude coolness. We were in for a treat! So, last night, Rob and I went for a very rare night at the cinema. I sat there with baited breath...


As far as special effects go, completely amazing; never seen anything like it in my life, my chin was on the floor.

As far as disasterness goes, absolutely jocker blocker jam packed with the stuff! More than enough to keep any disaster movie buff happy for a few hours.

And then they had to go and spoil it...


Now, you can't have a disaster movie without the cliche. A nice big fat cheesy line or two is just prerequisite. However, the writers of 2012 had obviously watched every single disaster movie ever made and nicked every single last cliched storyline and cheesy line and rammed them all with a huge great big shoehorn into this film. I swear, when 2 hours in someone said 'But Captain, there is a way to save humanity but it's a suicide mission' and John Cusack's ears pricked up, I nearly got up and walked out. And when Mr C failed to resurface from said suicide mission at the moment he was supposed to and his kids stood there crying and his estranged wife suddenly realised that she did love him afterall (even though her current partner had just come to a sticky end in some giant cogs - way to move on love!), I did whisper to Rob, rather uncharacteristically, that I hoped he was dead! But of course, up he pops at the very last moment.

And then they all stand out on deck to greet the new world together and realise that all we need to do as the human race is just love each other...well, it's a good job the credits roll or the stewards may have had a rather unfortunate mess to clear up!

Why spoil it? The film would have been fab if they cut out all the 'we love each other really/hero must go on the suicide mission/president stays with his people rather than getting on Air Force one to be saved (yeah, I can just imagine Obama doing that!)'. The odd cliche yes, but every single one in 2 1/2 hours? TOO MUCH!

Oh and don't get me started on the 'showing tv's showing news from around the world'. Ahem, the riots you showed from London, Mr Hollywood producer were from the poll tax riots. That was 1991, not anywhere near 2012!

Luckily, my faith in Hollywood had been restored the day before when I went to the flicks (get me, out twice in 2 days)to see this:

Woohoo, the brand new shiny Twilight Saga movie. I'd been waiting so long for this and couldn't think of anyone better to go with than the woman totally responsible for making me a Twihard, Mariek! OK, so it was a 120 mile round trip but was so worth it, fab film! Any fans of the book will not be disappointed and I defy anyone to come out not being totally Team Jacob!

So - birthday list:
New Moon dvd? Oh yeah!
2012 dvd? Er, yes probably! (well, I am still a disaster girl at heart! :P)

Saturday, 21 November 2009

We Know Famous People Us!

This is my good friend Rebecca:

This is her daughter (an Emily's friend) Chloe:

Last night, me, Em and my mum went to the theatre to see Chloe in this:

The actual proper Andrew Lloyd Webber musical with that bloke off the telly in and everything! How good is that, my friend's little girl was in it! I cried when I saw her on stage, she looked way too little to be on that stage all on her own. But she did a fab job and we were all so proud of her. Well done Chloe and remember, I want front row tickets when you're starring in the West End ok?!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Cleopatra...Comin' Atcha!

Why is it whenever I hear the word Cleopatra I hear that song?!

The highlight of Year 3 in Emily's school is Egyptian Day. Their topic for the winter term is always Ancient Egypt and every year the 3rd year kids get to dress up as one of the characters they've learnt about.

Now who would Emily dress up? Why, the queen who got to boss everyone about of course! If she thinks she's bathing in Ass's milk tonight though she's another thing coming...even queens only get Matey in this house!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

More Crop!

I have had so much fun taking part in my first ever cyber crop. The classes have been amazing with such beautiful ideas, I've been so glad I got to have a go at such wonderful ideas.

Yesterday morning's project was definately the most time consuming but I really wanted to do it. It's a Christmas countdown box frame. Most of the time was spent making the frame (cutting, assembling, painting) and it all got very messy with lots of acrylic paint and glue. But I'm pleased with how it turned out and can't wait to put it up on 1st December:

Next was a challenge by my team, The Lions. As the Wizard Of Oz's lion wanted courage, we had to scrap something that showed courage. I scrapped about it taking me 10 years to finally pluck up the courage to photo my scar:

I wasn't overly keen on yesterday afternoon's classes so I decided to have a go at one of Friday night's that I'd missed (due to being a wuss and not being able to stay up past 10!). It was to use up lots of scraps of ribbon and was great as you didn't really need to colour co-ordinate (which is always a bonus for me!):
This morning there was a class I really wanted to do at 9am (which I can't post here as I've made it for an Xmas pressie). However, as my son was up at stupid o'clock I took advantage and caught up on one of last night's classes. I loved how this looked with all the doodling and I had the perfect papers for it:

Finally was this class, which featured these gorgeous paper roses. They took me forever to make but they look so effective I'm glad I perservered with them. Also love this pic of Em and I had this lovely paper from a kit I got in the sale at the craft shop last week, so a winning combination me thinks!
So, that's the cropping all done for now. Had a lovely weekend locked away in my craft room and am pleased with my projects. Really looking forward to the next one!

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Oh Crop!

One of the main reasons I joined UKS is that they do fabulous Cyber Crops. For those non-scrappers out there, a cyber crop is where you scrap with others online. UKS have whole weekends every now and then of classes, challenges etc and saddo's like me lock the doors and shut themselves away with lots of paper and glue! Of course I join and they don't do one for ages, but finally, this weekend, it is the Wicked Cybercrop! Our theme is The Wizard Of Oz...even better!

So last night, at 7pm, I sat down for the first challenge...and the site crashed! What?! But, er, what?! Not only could I not access the classes but I couldn't go on the threads to my scrapping buddies and moan about the fact!

Eventually, after the worst 16 minutes of my life (:P), the site came back up and off I went! The first challenge was to start your journey on the yellow brick road (love it!) with a LO about travel. We were given a sketch to follow and off I went to look through my Antigua pics. But, they're all portrait and the sketch asks for landscape! Aaarrrggghhh!! Just as I'm about to pack up and give the whole cyber crop job up, I found these 2 pics and ran off a LO in under an hour! Woohoo!

So, just intime for the first class of the crop, this beautiful LO by Paper Arts. Lots of glue, ink, sewing and distressing and voila, lovely LO of me and the boy:

I'd decided last night to scrap in the dining room instead of my craft room so I could watch a bit of TV and catch up with Rob (between work and running Emily round to various social engagements we rarely get time to actually speak to each other!). Hmmmm, me thinks Rob will be suggesting I sack that idea from now on and stick to my craft room. A tidy scrapper I ain't:

So, next class starts at 9 and there's now a challenge up to post a pic of yourself first thing this morning (I can see the link, I do bear an uncanny resemblance to the Wicked Witch of the West this am!).
Watch this space for more scrappy goodness!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Never Forget

We've just got back from our local town's Remembrance Day service. Couldn't believe how many people turned out, it was amazing how many had dragged themselves out on a cold damp Sunday morning to remember all those who fought and died. Was very proud of my little town for caring so much.

We must never forget.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Trick Or Treat!

I hate Halloween! I'm one of those people who used to hide upstairs in the dark so the trick or treaters thought I wasn't in. However, when you have a couple of munchkins, you have to go with Halloween whether you like it or not.

So, this year I decided to embrace it. I even got dressed up, then went round the streets urging my offspring to go up and knock on strangers doors and ask for sweets (I tell you, the double standards of parenthood do baffle me!).

Rob decided to contend for the Gillard Creative Guru crown and carved the pumpkin. I think he did a very good bat actually (though he's still convinced it looks more like a moose!):

The kids got all decked out, Emmy the witch and Xander the little devil (though half devil as he point-blank refused to have the hood with horns up!):
And mummy the bat witch joined in:

And then we were all ready for trick or treating:

Really, would you refuse this face treats?!

We went and called for our neighbour Matthew who made a very scary skeleton:

And off we went. Quite a few people have embraced Halloween lately and so we found lots of houses all Halloween'd up. Of course, there are those that don't answer the door, but to be honest I don't blame them! Xander was very sweet with his 'Twick or tweat!' and all kids were nice and polite and said thank you.
Of course, we had to trick or treat Rob (hey, I had to get dressed up and trawl the streets, the least he could do was stay in and answer the door to the local ghouls!):

Afterwards, it was home for tea and a nice relaxing drink to wash down all that loot:

As mummy didn't actually get any loot, she sat down to a treat of her own: a nice glass of Merlot and a cuddle with a super-tired little devil:

So, all Halloween'd out. Today is pumpkin soup day and being thankful that it's only one day a year!