Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Cut the Cheese!

Now, many people will know that I'm a HUGE disaster movie buff. I like nothing better than a good old 'the end of the world is nigh' fest, and so when I saw this movie advertised in the summer, I was practically beside myself with excitement:

Not only that but it had John Cusack and Woody Harrelson in who just exude coolness. We were in for a treat! So, last night, Rob and I went for a very rare night at the cinema. I sat there with baited breath...


As far as special effects go, completely amazing; never seen anything like it in my life, my chin was on the floor.

As far as disasterness goes, absolutely jocker blocker jam packed with the stuff! More than enough to keep any disaster movie buff happy for a few hours.

And then they had to go and spoil it...


Now, you can't have a disaster movie without the cliche. A nice big fat cheesy line or two is just prerequisite. However, the writers of 2012 had obviously watched every single disaster movie ever made and nicked every single last cliched storyline and cheesy line and rammed them all with a huge great big shoehorn into this film. I swear, when 2 hours in someone said 'But Captain, there is a way to save humanity but it's a suicide mission' and John Cusack's ears pricked up, I nearly got up and walked out. And when Mr C failed to resurface from said suicide mission at the moment he was supposed to and his kids stood there crying and his estranged wife suddenly realised that she did love him afterall (even though her current partner had just come to a sticky end in some giant cogs - way to move on love!), I did whisper to Rob, rather uncharacteristically, that I hoped he was dead! But of course, up he pops at the very last moment.

And then they all stand out on deck to greet the new world together and realise that all we need to do as the human race is just love each other...well, it's a good job the credits roll or the stewards may have had a rather unfortunate mess to clear up!

Why spoil it? The film would have been fab if they cut out all the 'we love each other really/hero must go on the suicide mission/president stays with his people rather than getting on Air Force one to be saved (yeah, I can just imagine Obama doing that!)'. The odd cliche yes, but every single one in 2 1/2 hours? TOO MUCH!

Oh and don't get me started on the 'showing tv's showing news from around the world'. Ahem, the riots you showed from London, Mr Hollywood producer were from the poll tax riots. That was 1991, not anywhere near 2012!

Luckily, my faith in Hollywood had been restored the day before when I went to the flicks (get me, out twice in 2 days)to see this:

Woohoo, the brand new shiny Twilight Saga movie. I'd been waiting so long for this and couldn't think of anyone better to go with than the woman totally responsible for making me a Twihard, Mariek! OK, so it was a 120 mile round trip but was so worth it, fab film! Any fans of the book will not be disappointed and I defy anyone to come out not being totally Team Jacob!

So - birthday list:
New Moon dvd? Oh yeah!
2012 dvd? Er, yes probably! (well, I am still a disaster girl at heart! :P)

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Marie said...

Go Team Jacob!!! but clearly not team Cusack! (I have to say I'm sadly disappointed in him!).

I've already told Kendo to expect to be abandoned with our children for the day when Eclipse comes out - I'll make the 120 trip to sit in the dark for 2 hours next time ;) CAN'T WAIT!!