Saturday, 14 November 2009

Oh Crop!

One of the main reasons I joined UKS is that they do fabulous Cyber Crops. For those non-scrappers out there, a cyber crop is where you scrap with others online. UKS have whole weekends every now and then of classes, challenges etc and saddo's like me lock the doors and shut themselves away with lots of paper and glue! Of course I join and they don't do one for ages, but finally, this weekend, it is the Wicked Cybercrop! Our theme is The Wizard Of Oz...even better!

So last night, at 7pm, I sat down for the first challenge...and the site crashed! What?! But, er, what?! Not only could I not access the classes but I couldn't go on the threads to my scrapping buddies and moan about the fact!

Eventually, after the worst 16 minutes of my life (:P), the site came back up and off I went! The first challenge was to start your journey on the yellow brick road (love it!) with a LO about travel. We were given a sketch to follow and off I went to look through my Antigua pics. But, they're all portrait and the sketch asks for landscape! Aaarrrggghhh!! Just as I'm about to pack up and give the whole cyber crop job up, I found these 2 pics and ran off a LO in under an hour! Woohoo!

So, just intime for the first class of the crop, this beautiful LO by Paper Arts. Lots of glue, ink, sewing and distressing and voila, lovely LO of me and the boy:

I'd decided last night to scrap in the dining room instead of my craft room so I could watch a bit of TV and catch up with Rob (between work and running Emily round to various social engagements we rarely get time to actually speak to each other!). Hmmmm, me thinks Rob will be suggesting I sack that idea from now on and stick to my craft room. A tidy scrapper I ain't:

So, next class starts at 9 and there's now a challenge up to post a pic of yourself first thing this morning (I can see the link, I do bear an uncanny resemblance to the Wicked Witch of the West this am!).
Watch this space for more scrappy goodness!

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Clair said...

Hope you're enjoying the cyber crop teamie x