Sunday, 31 October 2010

We're Back!

Finally, after what seemed like a decade, I have my pooter back! Hurray! Brand new hard drive is now installed and we're just going through the task of reloading all the program files. Luckily the PC guy managed to save all my photos and documents. Phew!

So, what's been happening? Well, Rob has gone back to work and is doing better. He's seeing the surgeon again in 2 weeks so hopefully we'll then find out if the 2nd op is going to be pre or post Xmas. Just in case it's pre I'm busy getting Xmas stuff done so I have December free for hospital visits, making him cups of tea etc etc. I have the majority of presents bought (and wrapped!) so we're making good progress. The kids have written to Santa! OK, so that's more to do with me not being able to keep up with 'I want that' in every advert break on kids' tv so needed to get this stuff written down than being organised.

I've finally got a job that I officially start this week. Already been in to do some cover work but don't properly start until Wednesday. So it's going to be all go round here!

The kids are the usual (won't elaborate on 'usual', they're doing my head in this morning!). We seem to hardly see Em with her hectic social life. Xander won Star Of The Week at school before half term and is loving going full days.

Right, better fly. Busy Sunday what with Halloween but hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with spooky pics!

Missed you all! x

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kim said...

So glad you are back!!!! And congrats on the job!