Saturday, 2 October 2010

Councillor Gillard

For all of you out there who bury your heads in your hands and cry out in despair at today's world leaders (er, probably all of us I think!) then do not fear. They might all talk out of their bottoms but I have hope for the future - there's been an election, there's been a landslide, and look who's taken their first step into politics:

May I present Councillor Gillard MP*, duly elected school council representative for Year 4! Bless that girl of mine, she won by a huge majority too: 30 kids up for it (ie the whole class!), all 30 kids got a vote and they stopped counting before the end as Emily had 18 votes! OK, so when asked why they'd voted for Emily most did say it's because she's loud and so will get heard, but hey, I've heard a lot worse reasons for being voted into politics.

1st on Emily's agenda - world hunger. She has started her campaign this morning, along with her campaign manager Master X Gillard, and arranged a press call in the kitchen as they queued for pancakes. Master X was even heard to utter 'please, can I have some more'!

I think she's got the makings of a politician yet. Solve world hunger by making sure she's alright Jack first!

Next on the campaign trail, foreign secretary here is going to try and end the war over the tv!

* more playtime

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purply bunny said...

oooh congrats to the munchkin!!