Monday, 4 October 2010

Poor Cindy!

It's not often we say that round here, Cindy's normally the one causing the trouble, but you had to feel sorry for her this weekend when she fell victim to a bored 4-year-old!

There she was, having a nice snooze on the sofa in the conservatory, when along comes said 4-year-old. "Hello little cat, look I've made you a hat"

"And what you need to do is wear the hat and see if it'll stay on while I drive my little yellow car at you"

"Hmmm, maybe you need help keeping it on, how about some sticky glue?"*

Hmmmm... Cindy can currently be found at the end of our drive with her suitcase!
* No cats were actually glued in the making of this blog post!

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