Friday, 1 October 2010


I was having a discussion the other day about normal scrapbooking versus digital scrapbooking. I've never tried digital and I don't think I ever would. My main reason is it's not tactile. A lot of us agreed that the reason we love crafting is that it is so tactile, there's all those textures which you just can't capture on screen.

It's been a very tactile week here. On Monday we took Xander on a little nature walk. He's changed his hours at school so he only goes Weds, Thur, Fri so he's at home all day Monday and Tuesday. As we get into Autumn it gets harder to come up with things to do so we took advantage of the dry weather and headed out into the woods. We collected leaves, acorns, conker shells and sticks so we could make patterns. When we got home we got out the paint and had loads of fun printing with all the things we had found:

I've also finally mastered the art of crocheting after many months of trying and I love it! Again, it is just so tactile, even more so than knitting. I finished this scarf this week out of this gorgeous wool:

I love the pattern, you just want to stroke it!

I also went on to crochet a big chunky scarf for Em. She loves this as it's so thick and the crochet stitches give it a lovely 'bumpy' feel:
So next time you hear us crafters talk about 'stroking' stash you can see why. I think we spend more time cooing about how lovely the stash is than actually using it!

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