Monday, 27 September 2010

Snuggly Stuff For Snuggly Girls

So, my cousin Marie had barely announced she was pregnant and I was on t'internet scouring for baby patterns. I found one on, bought some lovely soft baby wool and got knitting this blanket for little Ruby:

I tell you, babies are a knitter's dream! I had some wool left so I ran up a bunny (pattern courtesy of the other Marie!) that has now been named Ruby Rabbit!

So yesterday we went over to meet our latest addition and give her pressies. Look how snuggly she is with her blanket:

Strangely for a newborn, she did actually spend most of our visit awake:

And of course Auntie Lou got lots of cuddles with her fave bubba:

And the kids absolutely adore their new cousin:

Love that picture!
They're all doing so well. Matt and Marie were always going to be good parents but they've just slipped into parenthood so easily, it was a lovely thing to see their happy little family.
So Ruby likes Auntie Lou's woolly stuff so Auntie Lou is scouring that t'internet again!

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