Sunday, 12 September 2010

Birthdays with the NHS

So, when deciding how to spend your birthday, not many people would automatically think of spending it in a hospital bed, but sometimes life doesn't exactly give you what you want.

Today was Rob's birthday and the poor guy had to spend it sat in hospital. So, we tried to make the day as good as possible and we can celebrate once he's home. He got lots of cards and presents so thanks to everyone who sent them in. Then this afternoon we went over there armed with presents and cake, picking up Zoe on the way who'd travelled 200 miles just to see her poorly bro on his birthday!

Fortunately, Rob seemed a lot better today (but that could have been the super dooper strong painkillers!) and was really happy to see the kids, especially Xan who he hadn't seen since his op on Wednesday.

So we all made the most of it and it was a lovely afternoon. We left Rob full of Starbucks doughnuts (yum, thanks Zo!) and with lots of good pressies to keep him occupied.

Happy birthday Rob! However, when we said we'd go away for your 40th, can we maybe come up with a different idea than your 38th?!

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Rach said...

Happy Birthday Rob!

Hope you're home soon xx