Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Happy Birthday Bobbins!!

Happy birthday to my old ball and chain, Rob, who's halfway down that slippery slope to 40 today!!

We went out for a curry and a few pints on Saturday to celebrate/commiserate and tonight we're having some lurverly crispy duck and a nice bottle of vino to toast his old bones!! We're also watching his birthday present from the kids, Saw 2. Well, when I say watch, Rob will be watching it, I'll be peaking out from a cushion, preferably in another room (still not got over Saw 1!!).

So, happy birthday Bobbins!!


Rach said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Fab card Lou - don't blame you for hiding away when Saw II is on - I'm a wuss when it comes to scary movies. xx

Stef & Tony said...

Happy Birthday Rob!!!!!

Marie said...


I Love that Card Lou.... where on earth did you find a shop that sells die cuts of Rob?? ;)

Saw 2 is a great film btw :)

love M