Thursday, 2 December 2010

The C Word!

So, it's now December which means I now have to officially relent from this:

Say it with me people (though let's just whisper for now)!

I've now officially allowed the christmas movies on the tv and we've been doing christmas crafts. TBH, we're having to do that and fill our days because we're stuck in because of this stuff:

We've had quite a bit of the white stuff since Friday night now, but yesterday we got a huge amount dumped on us, which lead to my school being closed, the kids' school being closed and Rob having to leave the car miles away and walk home. It's that bad that even Rob hasn't ventured in to work (I know, I know, and no asteroid strike needed either!).

However, it does look beautiful round here and very christmassy:

I'm afraid there may be more christmas posts, I've just started Journal Your Christmas for the 2nd year running and so will be boring sharing my daily journal entries with you all! I'm sure aswell there will be lots of Emily and Xander christmas creations to share with you.

I may even say the christmas word in a quiet voice rather than a ***Shudder***, may need a couple more days for that one yet!


Marie said...

OMG!! How much snow?? I'm officially jealous of your Christmas-card-esque snowfall as I look out the window at the pitiful display that we've had here. Then again, I suppose it's easy to say how delightful it is when I don't have to live in it! LOL.



kim said...

You are making me laugh with your dread of all things Christmas! I've been getting ready for weeks and loving every second of it. maybe because mixed in with all the sick, its the one thing I've really been looking forward to (and I should be done being sick by then, so its a much anticipated deadline this year).

Love all the snow pics--I don't really love snow, but that does seem very cozy to all be stranded at home and working on christmas things.