Monday, 13 December 2010


Emily came home from school on Friday and read us a poem. It was beautiful and I asked where she'd found it? 'I wrote it Mum' she replied. Er what? You're not yet 9 and you wrote this? We think it's amazing!

Baby Brother

It's a boy
He was born with love and joy
He's my brother
His life is thanks to my mother
His life shall be my mission
His life shall be protected
He was my mother's decision
And I'm glad she made it
Cause he's my baby brother

I will love him forever
Even when he is looking pale
His body's frail
He can hardly move
To when he turns around and does a weird groove
Cause he is my baby brother

It's a boy
He was born with love and joy
Cause he is my baby brother

by Emily R M Gillard
Dedicated to Xander W J Gillard



Marie said...

Wow. That is amazing. Brought a little tear to my eye. Very sweet. Well done Miss Em!


purply bunny said...

to quote craig "a-ma-ZING darhling!"

truly beautiful :D

Anonymous said...

OMG how adorable is our Milly? That is gorgeous
Auntie Gem

Anonymous said...

That is remarkable, well done Emily. You must be such proud parents!