Monday, 8 February 2010


That boy of mine doesn't half make me laugh!

Like most kids, he has one book that he reads over and over and over again. At the moment it's The Very Hungry Catterpillar (which I also loved as a kid!). We've read it that many times to him that he knows it off by heart. So tonight, rather than Rob read him a bedtime story, Xander read us all one!

So sit back and enjoy The Very Hungry Catterpillar, as read by Xander


Juicy3675 said...

ok that seriously has to be one of the cutest things I ever saw!!!

Bless him!! LOL that was brilliant. x

Marie said...

Oh my goodness!! He's so big!! Bless him. That's too cute for words. Made ROFL and a little bit teary that my other favourite little guy is getting so growed up!