Monday, 15 February 2010

At Least The Fish Loves Me!

There's nothing like a good Valentine's Day to make you feel like the most UNloved person in the world!

Although we'd agreed no cards or anything, you always kind of hope that your other half will do what they do for the rest of the year and completely ignore you! However, alas, no Interflora deliveries here yesterday!

Emily added to the unloving when she made Daddy and Xander both a Valentine card at school the other day. Er, ahem, what am I, chopped liver?!

I did go out and buy myself a little Valentine's present: a brand new shiny pap pap! I finally admitted that little old Fiesa ain't ever coming back so went out and bought a new car that I'm hoping to learn to love. It's very shiny so hopefully we can be friends!

Finally, I did get a bit of love at tea time. The kids had fish fingers and I chucked myself a tuna steak in the oven. It was only when I took it out the oven that I noticed it looked like this:

Hurray! Someone loves me, even if it is a dead fish!

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