Friday, 11 January 2008

Golden Girl...Again!

Not sure if I mentioned but, a couple of weeks before Xmas, Emily won the Golden Balloon at school. It's given to the 2 pupils that have tried their best every week and the parents get to go to 'Sharing Assembly' on a Friday and watch their child get it.

Well, blow me if she didn't go and win it again this week!! So this afternoon I trundled off to school with my mum in tow to watch my little angel get up (infront of years 1 AND 2 no less) and describe her science project for that week. Apparently you use a pushing motion for lifting weights!

Anyway, I was very proud of her (though not so much when she started picking her nose whilst stood at the front; memories of the nativity came flooding back!) and, as she'd got it twice in just over a month, we bought her some High School Musical necklaces as a 'well done'.

Here are some pictures, with her partner in crime (and ex, apparently he's joined the singles club and Emily's not having a boyfriend until high school!) Cameron, who was the other winner this week!


Rach said...

Yay Emily xxx

kim & co. said...

Way to go, Emily!!!!

Marie said...

You know I read this last night and then forgot to post a comment. I must have been distracted by the bunny legs.


love M