Monday, 14 January 2008

WW Monday!

Right, well, the first weigh in was this morning and...I lost 4lbs!! Whooppeee!! Was very pleased with that, especially as it's been a struggle.

We've also decided that we're not going back to that meeting though. The leader is just pure evil and basically a nasty cow! We're trying to find another one that fits in (which is proving difficult!) but if not I'll just do it home and home I can discipline myself!

Right, off to write a stern email to Weightwatchers about the quality of their staff!

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katie said...

Hi LOu

Katie from BW I did WW online lost 14 kilos and found it worked fine it's quite easy just chuck in the food you ate it does the points for you ;) then i just weighed myself once a week.... I told clint everytime i weighed in so I had someone to be accountable too ;)

Good Luck

Love Katie x