Wednesday, 30 January 2008

It Was Red & Yellow & Pink & Green & Orange & Purple & Blue & Scarlet & Ocra & Violet & Sky Blue Pink!

So, I've had a cyber slap from my buddy Marie for not updating the blog for yonks! She had nothing to read at work yesterday afternoon (get some work done woman!) and so I couldn't possibly have her sat there twiddling her thumbs for a second day running!

So, quick update! Yes I have been a very bad blogger, but things have been quite busy round here!

Emily's tooth is still in place; we can move it backwards, forwards, sideways, diagonally and round in circles, but the bugger ain't coming out! The one next to it is wobbling too so we could have a double visit from the tooth fairy soon (and how much will that cost me?!).

This weekend we had a fairly hectic time. We went shopping for Emily's birthday present on Saturday as that date is looming upon us again! Then Salem had his booster at the vet which, as you can imagine, went down really well! Then we had Ally, Shane and the kids round Saturday afternoon (along with a bag full of fab clothes for Xander, thanks J!). Then in the evening Rob's mum came over and we cooked another Madhur curry. It was delicious but I messed up the fish so it was more mush than goujons!

Sunday was Emily's BFF's little brother's 1st birthday party (happy birthday Izaak!) which was lovely. Then back home for the usual Sunday evening gubbins!

I've started the degree this week; so far pretty difficult! What isn't helping is that, just for a change, I have the lurgy again, so the studying ain't going in too well!

Last night I went to see Joseph with my mum and Auntie Claire (it was mum's birthday present); it was fab! I've never seen it before but I loved it; especially the blow up sheep and Elvis playing the pharoah!

Right, better go get some studying done (and pop some more Nurofen!). There you go Marie, that should kill 10 minutes (even though I bet I've told you all this by email already!!)


Rach said...

Woo hoo an update - was wondering where you were woman!

Marie said...

LOL. You have told me, but I still read the whole thing anyway ;)

love M