Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year!!

First thing's first.....

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve and that 2008 brings you lots of happiness.

We had a great night last night: we went to Kay and Gary's and took Emily as Scott was there. We started off with a candlelit supper consisting of smoked salmon and prawns, gorgeous roast lamb and a rich chocolate roulade made by Kay's supremo pudding making buddy (i.e. ME!).Then we had our first midnight of the evening. There was no way we were putting up with the capers of Emily and Scott for another 3 hours so, at 9pm, we pretended it was midnight, did the countdown, champagne, happy new years, then packed them off to bed none the wiser!Then, as Kay kept the champagne flowing (and the occassional 'baby guiness' shot!), we had a Taboo tournament: me and Kay against Rob and Gary, which was hilarious!! Rob and Gary were taking it very seriously......whilst Kay and I revelled in our victory...Then, we saw in the 'real' midnight with a glass of bubbly and a conga down the street!Thanks to Kay and Gary (and the lovely Scott) for giving us such a wonderful night; we thoroughly enjoyed it!!

So, 2008 eh? Well, 2007 was certainly an eventful year. I watched the kids come on leaps and bounds; Emily learning to read, write and add up so well; Xander learning to crawl then eventually walk! I've discovered so many new things, especially craft stuff thanks to the inspiration of my good buddy Marie: thanks hun, love ya! I've read more books this year than I have in my whole life...and have discovered that I love it! I've become a student yet again...aaarrrggghhhh!!! I've made some good new friends who I hope will be around for a long time; and I've found much more love than ever for my old friends (motherhood will do that to ya!). And I finally got to see Slash, after 20 years of loving him from afar!!

So, as for 2008...well, first things first...the baby weight has to go! I'm joining Weight Watchers on Monday and I'm determined to make it work! I'm excited about the degree thing, even though I'm papping my pants! And, most importantly...I get to see Slash again!! Woohoo!!
So, yet again, I wish you all a wonderful 2008! I will leave you with one of my favourite photos of 2007, which I only took last week, but I think it sums up everything that's wonderful in life...it's of 2 of my favourite men: my Grandad and my son...


Rach said...

Happy New Year hun xxx

Marie said...

Why am I not in the least surprised at that photo of you congaing (is that even a word??) down the street?? PMSL

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all hun.

Here's hoping we can see plenty of each other IRL this year (although that might leave us nothing to text about or talk on MSN about!).

love ya hun
love M