Sunday, 30 December 2007

I'm Getting A Brother!

No, my mum hasn't decided to take notice of my nagging as an 8 year old and bless me with a baby brother! ***SHUDDER***
No, I was stood in Tesco on Friday having an argument with Rob about swiss roll tins (I kid ye not!), when my sister texted me from The Dominican Republic with a picture of a nice shiny rock! Must say, it was a bit of a surprise; Gemma's always protested that she'd never get married; and once I said accidentally to Dave 'You see what you've married into', where he positively turned green! But, a nice surprise it is anyway!

Not sure where , when or how as far as the big day, but a couple of things I'm certain of. First of all, it won't be a Saturday as Leeds Utd play every Saturday, and neither of them would miss a match, even for their own wedding! And, another reason it probably won't be on a Saturday, Leeds will be too busy playing on the Elland Road pitch and I get the feeling that there will be a certain ceremony taking place there, so we need to avoid any off side, tackle dooberies!

Oh god I just thought, if it is there, will I have to start going before they let me in, you know how they make people go to church before they get married, christened etc!!

Anyway, congratulations to Gemma and my soon to be bruv Dave!!

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