Thursday, 13 December 2007

A Very Busy Christmas!

Well, the last 24 hours have been chock full of Christmas stuff! Yesterday afternoon was Emily's school play and she was a star. You know how there's always one child who messes about, looks at the ceiling when they should be singing, prods people with their prop, picks their nose etc? Yup, that was my daughter! She did do some singing and did a very good twinkly star dance on the stage, but needless to say she'd had a concentration bypass yesterday!!

Then we took both kids to visit Santa. Emily talked to him but from 2 feet away, there was no way she was getting any nearer to that beard! And Xander, well he took one look and screamed! We did manage to get a picture but probably a bit of waste of £7!

This morning has been Xander's toddler group's Xmas party and it's been fab! They were asked to go in fancy dress so it was a good opportunity for him to wear his Xmas pudding outfit; he even kept the hat on for a whole half an hour! They had a party tea (pizza and buns at 10am, yum!) and Santa put in yet another appearance...and guess what? Yup, Xander screamed again! I'm just glad he'll be asleep when Santa makes his annual trip on Christmas Eve!

Anyway, we are now all well and truely into the festive spirit!

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