Thursday, 20 December 2007

The Camera Never Lies...Well This One Does!

So, the week before Christmas just what you need is your camera finally giving up the ghost isn't it! It went completely kaput yesterday whilst I was trying to photo some craft stuff (I didn't think it was that bad but obviously the papper objected!!). But hey, who needs a camera over Christmas...oh yes, we do!!

So, last night we spent ages researching cameras and trying to find a new one before Xmas. So, we found one with everyone's favourite, Argos. Tried to find one in stock at a store, all out of stock. So, we could get it delivered; hooray! But they gave us a time of 7am to 6pm on Friday; hmmm, between school runs, hairdressers and food shopping, that wasn't going to happen! So, I rings mum, yup she'll be in, so I put down hers as a delivery address. So, we go through the checkout, add a memory card for good measure, enter the credit card details and get the confirmation: they'll be delivering the memory card on Friday at a delivery charge of £4.95, but the camera's out of stock!!

So, there were phone calls; no Mrs Argos lady, we don't want the memory card without the camera, no we don't want to wait until the New Year for the camera, yes, we would like a camera at Christmas!

So, eventually we cancelled it all and started the search again! We've reserved one at an Argos near Rob's work; why do I get a horrible feeling he's going to come away with just a memory card sized carrier?!


Rach said...

Hope you get more than a memory stick! Either that or you'll have to get one of those court room artists to come along to sketch you all opening pressies and scoffing turkey!


Tallulah said...

Keep up the good work.