Monday, 17 December 2007

Shingle All The Way!

So, my mum's only gone and got herself shingles hasn't she?! For some reason, it always reminds me of Lou Beale; I have a vivid childhood memory of watching Eastenders when she caught it! Now, in any other circumstance, I'd be over there with Xander and attaching him to her (mum, not Lou Beale!) so we got chicken pox out of the way sooner rather than later. However, thought it might be a bit cruel for him to wake up Christmas morning covered in the pox!! So, Grandma is off bounds to old Billy Jim at the moment.

In other news, we have a knew Christmas ornament...
The silly moo even fell asleep in there last night...
...who on earth sleeps in a Christmas tree?! So between that and Xander's constant 'oooh, shiny bauble, let me hide that in my toy box', I have been threatening to take the blooming thing down all day!! Yup, bah humbug Lou is slowly creeping back in!!


RachelC said...

ROFL at the cat. That is just too funny!

Marie said...

Is it bad that your post title made me PMSL? Sorry your Mum's not well, hope she's on the mend before next week. There's only 6 more sleeps you know!!

I've already seen the cat photo - but it still made me LOL the second time. She's a dizzy moo your cat! love M

Rach said...

Awwwww your poor mum! and PMSL at the cat - and you can get that thought out of you mind that you wrote on my blog missus! Scott'd have a total hissy fit if I was! xx

Kim said...

Hey guys!!
That is one cute cat!!
Ours seem to spend more time chasing up & down the tree knocking off as much as they can as if its some cat point scoring game - who knocks over the tree is the winner!

Congrats xander on your great new walking technique!
Hope you all have a top christmas!
Kim xxx