Sunday, 16 December 2007

Fröhliche Weihnachten!

For those of you not in the know (which face it, was me until I Googled it!) that is German for Merry Christmas! The reason being is we've been all Christmassy today and gone to the German Christmas Market in Leeds.

Rob's dad has been up for the weekend so we thought it was a good idea to drag our hangovers down there. Mind you, the hangovers didn't stop us having a lovely mug of mulled wine!
We also enjoyed German hotdogs (though Xander seemed a little unsure!) and afterwards, Emily and I took our full bellies on the carousel; not such a good idea!Rob bought a German salami which is just sat in the fridge begging to have huge lumps hacked off it over the next few days; so we can continue our Weihnachten at home!! Anyway, a really lovely Christmassy day all in all!


Marie said...

Weihnachten..... bless you! Sorry, I thought I heard you sneeze (or should that be gesundheit?).

Looks like you had a great time, but I'm not sure the carousel after the hot dog AND the mulled wine was a terrific idea ;)

love M

Lou said...

Test Comment

Peter said...

Well, the boys had more sense, and stayed firmly on the ground! What a great day. The mulled wine certainly helped, but the highlight was Emily's amazing exploding chocolate coated marshmallow - very sticky for all of us.
Thanks. Peter x