Tuesday, 4 December 2007

This Yorkshire Girl's Been Lancashired!!

First of all, for anyone that reads Marie's blog, this post is virtually the same as hers (except no hobnobbing with the stars here!) and the pics are the same because I stole them from Marie!

For everyone else...we had a great night on Saturday! We went over t'Pennines to St Helens to see my old pal Marie, who was taking us to see one of her favourite bands: The Lancashire Hotpots! For anyone not familiar with their work, their a comedy band who sing such classics as Chippy Tea and Shopmobility Scooter...

Well, I've not laughed so much in a long time!! They were hilarious, and with names like Dicky Ticker and Willie Eckerslike, they couldn't really be anything else could they!

Even though Rob's a southerner, he had a great time...

It was also great to have a few drinks with the one and only Mariek!! We've never actually had a tipple together, just tea and cupcakes, so it was nice to let our hair down together! Also, her 2 friends Karen and Denise came along; who were both excellent gig going company; and made it even more enjoyable...

(me, Karen, Denise, Marie)

Anyway, I'd definately recommend checking the Hotpots out, you can find them here:


I dare you not to laugh!!

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Marie said...

And a damn fine time we had too :)

"Chippy tea, chippy tea, I want a chippy tea...."

love M