Friday, 30 November 2007

All These Channels And No Bob The Builder?

So, Xander's been coming on leaps and bounds lately. Today he's been doing tonnes of walking; mainly when he thinks no one's looking, but he's suddenly got the idea of toddling! The talking is going a bit slower, but he's getting there and sounded like he said 'here you are' (well, 'hee ya') earlier. He also has a grand total of 7 teeth now so is enjoying chomping on all sorts, including mummy's fingers!

He's had a fascination with remote controls for a long time; but today he decided he wanted every control in the house! Unfortunately Bob The Builder was nowhere to be found, but he finds the tv guide on Sky very entertaining; and loves boogying to the elevator music on there!!

The illness is still well and truely resident in the Gillard household. Rob took today off today so he could look after Xander while I went to bed and tried to shift this cold once and for all. All it seems to have done though is give him a cold! Great! I'm really hoping we're better this weekend as we have a trip across the Pennines planned tomorrow; Rob and I are supposed to be going with Marie and Kendo to see the Lancashire Hotpots tomorrow night while Rob's mum babysits. It's our only night out this Xmas so I really really want to go, so anti cold vibes would be very much appreciated!!

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Vitti said...

Anti cold vibes all the way!!!!!
Oh,cold remedy:squeeze the juice out of four oranges (preferably the red Sicilian ones if you can find them),add the juice of half a lemon and put five tablespoons of honey in it.
It tastes vile,but it really works!