Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Remembering Auntie Rene

So, it's a while since I posted a scrapbook layout. TBH, I've not been happy with my stuff lately so haven't felt brave enough to share! However, mum has bought me a lovely present of a monthly scrapping kit from Scrapping Angels and the first kit has given me loads of inspiration!

So, I've had this picture in my scrapping pile for a while. It's of my Auntie Rene, who died this February. She was really ill when this picture was taken last year, but she always managed a smile when I took Xander to see her. Emily remembers her but unfortunately Xander never will so I wanted something in his scrapbook as a momento of her.

I also wanted to do something different for his scrapbook, so I went for this old fashioned type paper from the kit, and the flower for a very unboyish bit of controversy!!

And the good news is, I still have enough stuff in the kit for another 2 layouts! Better get my thinking cap on!


Marie said...

That's gorgeous Lou :) I love the title and the olde world feel. A great photo too and a great memory for Xander to have in his album.

love M

Rach said...

Oh Lou, this is gorgeous xx

RachelC said...

Beautiful Lou... I may be lifting that one for an lo with my great grandmother and daughter.

Anonymous said...

I have a vested interest in this particular item but am so pleased Lou has included this for Xander's future. My Aunte Rene was lovely, she had a a knack of plain speaking which is not uncommom of her generation but she is sadly missed. Think we will silently raise d a toast to her on saturday 17th when we meet for lunch. Mum xx

Lou said...

Er, Mother, what do you mean a 'silent toast'? I think a 'load voice at the most inopportune moment toast' would be more inkeeping with the memory of Auntie Rene! Or had you forgotten the 'Ooh, isn't our Philip getting bald' comment as I walked down the aisle?!