Saturday, 24 November 2007

Poorly Sick!

Ok, this cold isn't funny any more (actually, it was never funny in the first place!). I've had it now since Monday and it just won't go. I've tried everything (even a few glasses of vino at Sam's Virgin Vie party last night!!) and it's not budging! So, anyone with any ancient cold remedies; send them this way, I'm desperate!

Of course it's been passed on by the snot monster himself: Xander Billy Jim but he seems to have got over his now. He's also had to contend with 4 new teeth in the past 10 days and taking a few more steps so he's been a busy boy!

Right, off to bury my head in a box of Kleenex!


Stef said...

Lou mate. I have heard that plenty of "You no what!!!!" Does the trick??? That's what Tony said anyway!!!!

Hope you feel better soon. xx

Lou said...

Is that Tony's way of volunteering to cure me?!!