Wednesday, 14 November 2007


So, I tought I'd do a quick update on things here; not too much happening, just a quick roundup!

Xander's well established in his new routine of nursery on Tuesday and my parents' on Wednesday. I'm really missing him on these days but it's so good for him to have different environments. We've also been going to a toddler group on a Thursday morning for a few weeks which he loves! He had a booster jab today; which he was NOT pleased about! But the crying only lasted 10 seconds then he was back to shouting 'Hiya' to all and sundry again! He also has had a tooth surge and has a grand total of 5!!

Emily is doing well at school. Her reading's suddenly coming on in leaps and bounds and she's reading paragraphs all on her own! We had parents' evening last week and her maths is excellent and she seems to be taking in a lot of facts in all her subjects.

Rob is just Rob! He's job hunting at the moment as it turns out he works for a set of numpties! One good bit of news though is that, with interviews coming up, he's finally cutting his ZZ Top beard!

And as for me, well I'm really enjoying my course. Some of it's taken a bit of getting into but I really look forwad to my studying time; though I'm sure that novelty will wear off! I've also got loads of craft stuff done lately; made lots of Xmas cards and done some more scrapping. So, couldn't possibly leave without giving you a LO; this is my latest of Emily on our jollies!

Love to all!