Monday, 19 November 2007

One Small Step For Babykind!

For those of you that I didn't text manically on Saturday morning; Xander took his first steps!! Yay!! There were only 2 of them but they were beautiful!! The funny thing was he was stood in the exact same place that Emily took her first steps too. So, anyone wants their baby to walk, just send them round and I'll rent you the square foot of carpet in question!

He hasn't done it since but he's poorly at the moment so anything that's not a 'lying down, dummy in mouth' position isn't going to happen!! Will post a photo as soon as he gets motoring again.


Jaime said...

yay Xander!!!!

so... are you going to cut out that square of carpet & somehow scrap it?? LOL!!

Lou said...

LMAO Jaime! I hadn't thought of that but what a great idea!

Marie said...



RachelC said...

Wa-Hoo! Look out world... batten down the hatches ;)