Sunday, 11 November 2007


So, this afternoon, me and Emily had a bit of a crop! For those of you not in scrapbooking circles, a crop is a getting together of scrapbookers to scrapbook together! Anyway, my crafting buddy Kim had set a challenge to take a white piece of paper and some pictures, and add just 5 other things to the layout.

I've done a bit of a challenge within a challenge here; as the picture is one I did for a photography challenge in the summer. I've been meaning to scrap it for ages and had a bit of inspiration today so went ahead. Anyway, it speaks for itself, not much explanation needed here!!
BTW, my 5 additional elements were: the brown paper, the pink spotty paper, the ribbon, the chipboard letters and the handmade embellishment in the corner!


Marie said...

Great LO Lou! I love it :) I need to get my head in gear of this challenge, but I think I'll be hard pressed to top this. It's Fab :) love M

kim & co. said...

Already said it on BW, but love the LO! That is the cutest freckle picture ever. I used to want freckles more than anything (well, and red hair to go with it--I was a little addicted to Annie) and always love kids freckles (not so happy with mine these days.)