Sunday, 23 December 2007

Garden Grottos, Big Toes & Pink Wigs!

So, we've had a lovely Christmas weekend! Yesterday we went to Steve and Allys' for a supposed trip to see the reindeer. However, it suddenly decided to rain, after weeks of dry weather; so we decided that, even if we did manage to wade through the mud, the reindeer would probably be hiding anyway!

So, we had some mulled wine then headed off for a curry. On the way, we went to their next door neighbour's house, who have dressed their front garden up as a little grotto. It was lovely and the girls thought it was great. The curry was fantastic, apart from Xander's 'throwing everything on the floor' tantrum; but the food more than made up for it!
So, I had an interesting morning. Xander was having yet another tantrum at naptime, and I'd come downstairs to get a teething ring. In my haste to get back upstairs I got my right big toe caught in my left pyjama leg and was left sprawled on the stairs! Rob was trying to climb over me and the safety gate to get to Xander, but I couldn't move my toe and so was stuck there for a while. Anyway, I eventually got downstairs (with Emily offering to carry me, bless her) and Rob got it strapped up for me. I think it may be broken but the thought of facing A&E 2 days before Christmas, just to be told that you can't put a pot on broken toes, just wasn't worth it!!

This afternoon we've been to visit Rob's mum, grandad and Zoe for a bit of a Christmas get together. We had a lovely meal and then we let the kids open their presents from mum and Zo. Xander got a Bob The Builder beanbag chair and a toddlers Etch A Sketch (which Rob spent hours amusing himself on by writing 'ploppy pants'!). Emily got a bow & arrow so she can pretend to be on Narnia; and a Stephanie dress up wig. Needless to say, the wig has been a big hit with everyone; especially Zo who is hot footing it down to Argos tomorrow to get herself one!!
So, only 2 more sleeps to go and it'll all be over! Good job and all, my jeans are already far too tight and we haven't started the proper eating and drinking yet!

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Peter said...

It's a good thing Zoe wasn't wearing that when the AA arrived! No wonder she didn't tell me what she really wanted for Christmas.