Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Drummers, Bloody Drummers!

So, me and Rob had a nice night out planned tonight. Rob's old band, Nightmare Visions, were playing in Leeds and we'd not seen them for a while so we planned to go down there. Plus, Andy, the guitairst/singer had sent me lots of yummy Hobbycarft stuff and I needed to thank him in person.

So, mum came over, I got tea ready, Emily had her usual pre gymnastics meltdown and then the phone rang. It was Rob, the gig was cancelled! Apparently, they'd been to pick up the drummer and he'd gone on holiday!! Er, what?! I know men can be a bit thick, and drummers are notorious for being crap, but come on!


Rach said...

Nightmare Lou! Sorry your evening out was ruined xx

Marie said...

Sorry hun, I'm crap this week at catching up on the blogs. Damn that drummer! Hope you're night in wasn't a total wash out. love M