Friday, 8 June 2007

Bobbins Bar!

Mum and dad got home from Tenerife today and had found an excellent new business venture for Rob! There's a place there called Bobbin's Bar! Of course, every weekend's like Bobbin's bar round here but if he wants to switch HQ to Tenerife, then I suppose I'll drag along behind him, just for moral support you know!!
Xander's had a very accident prone day today. In total, he's banged his head 4 times and trapped his fingers in a drawer! I tell you, I not only need eyes in the back of my head but at the sides too! He's like a wippet is the boy! I think we definately need to Xander proof the house this weekend (yet again!!)
Quite a busy weekend round here. Tomorrow I'm going to the OU to discuss courses for my degree. then I'm meeting Lisa for a bit of a browse round Primark! Then on Sunday, Emily has a lunch date with Scott then Cameron's bowling party! 2 dates in one day, the floozy!!
Have a great weekend everyone!

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Rach said...

2 dates!!!!! Blimey! xx