Thursday, 7 June 2007

Happy Birthday Cameron!!

Happy birthday to Emily's boyfriend Cameron, who is the grand old age of 5 today!! Emily's going round for tea tonight and then he's having a bowling party on Sunday so no doubt they'll be having lots of 'tickle time'!!

Coincidentally, I finished a scrapbook LO today on Emily and Cameron. It's a sketch challenge from Marie but it worked perfectly with this gorgeous picture of them both!


Marie said...

Great photo of Emily and her man :) I love the LO, it came out great. You did I LO from my sketch!! Yippee! I'm all proud now ;)

love M

Rach said...

Awwww don't they look cute together!

Fab LO hun xx

grandma said...

What a fantastic grandson I have. Not only has he eventually got a tooth but he can climb the stairs!! Great, next time I babysit he can put himself to bed !!

Auntie Gemma said...
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Auntie Gemma said...

Grandma, expect a telling off from Her Maj Miss Gillard for putting your comment on the wrong topic!!!!